finding balance – going back to school as a parent

if you decided to put school on hold while starting a family, you’re not alone! while many individuals choose to pursue school and a career first, this is not the case for everyone. many even make the choice to stay at home with their little ones until they begin school. regardless of your exact situation, going back to school at this point in your life can be a great move that helps ensure a financially stable environment for your family. though balancing family and going back to school may seem like a juggling act, it’s not impossible! here’s a look at ways to set yourself up for success.

seek help when needed.

as a parent, you know life can be a bit of a three ring circus at times. as confidence builds, parents become excellent multitaskers, but you’ll likely encounter times when you just need a break or some extra time to hunker down with your study materials. that’s why it’s important to develop a support system. think strategically about what you’ll need and have things in place before the time comes. but, remain flexible! don’t hesitate to call on these friends or family members when you need them. as loved ones, they care about you and your family and will want to help ensure your success.

stay disciplined.

while your class schedule and certain family related tasks will have set time-frames, you’ll need to factor in time for homework and studying. when and where do you plan to do your homework? one option could be early in the morning, before the kids head off to school. perhaps later in the evening, after you put the little ones to bed could work better for your schedule. you could even carve out a specific time on the weekends when your partner or another person in your support system is available to look after your littles. regardless of when you choose to do your homework and studying, stick to it and your efforts will be rewarded.

make it a family affair.

carving out a time when everyone tackles take home work can help bring the family closer together and  instill good study habits, if you have older children in the house. if your children do not have homework on particular days, encourage them to read for pleasure or work on other activities like drawing, journaling or writing letters to loved ones who live far away.

explore financial aid options.

don’t be discouraged by the price tag of going back to school. it is possible to get ahead without getting behind financially. grants, scholarships and even student loans with income based repayment options can help ease the financial burden of going back to school. find out more information about costs and financial aid options available to you at eastern college, here.

at eastern college of health vocations, we can help you train for a career that you can build a life around – one that you can take pride in; that makes a difference in your community; and that has the potential to offer you and your family greater financial security. our career counselors can shed light on how we can partner to help you attain a degree or certification and achieve employment in your new field. reach our little rock campus at 501-380-0764 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654 to schedule a tour. if you’re ready to commit to the first step toward your promising career in healthcare, click here.

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medical assistant programs in arkansas

if you’re looking for medical assistant programs in arkansas, you’ve come to the right place! going to school for medical assistant training is a smart step toward ensuring future success. though advanced degrees are not required for employment as a ma in ar, certification can help you stand out from the competition when trying to land a job in the dynamic field of healthcare.

this is just the beginning

working in health and wellness offers tremendous potential, but it can also be a demanding role. becoming a medical assistant requires study and determination from an academic standpoint. the solid work ethic you’ll develop as a student will carry over and serve you well once entering the medical field. you can even choose to expand your skill-set through professional enrichment. continued learning and the pursuit of higher levels of knowledge is often rewarded by employers in this field!

a quality foundation for medical assistants

if you’ve done your homework, you already know medical assistants help doctors and patients in a variety of healthcare settings. this can include medical offices with specialties like sports medicine, pediatrics and ob/gyn. when you choose to start your training to become a certified medical assistant with eastern college of health vocations, you will receive a quality education that prepares you for your medical assistant career, regardless of type of practice you choose to work with.

you can do this!

while the thought of going back to school can be overwhelming for some, we have resources that can help! to help you work toward your degree or certification in healthcare, we’ve put together a guide to retaining and organizing all that information you’ll need for your new career. you can read these insightful study tips here. we also have an experienced staff that can help you navigate the financial aid process so you can find the best way to invest in your education.

at eastern college, we’re proud to offer one of the best medical assistant programs in arkansas. our students and graduates often share that one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in healthcare, is the opportunity to help those in need. that very desire to help others propels many to embark on the path to a career in the industry. ready to join compassionate colleagues on a similar mission? eastern college of health vocations has campus locations in both little rock, ar and new orleans, la. call today to learn more or arrange a tour. new orleans- 504-736-0654. little rock 501-568-0211.

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dental assisting: an automation-proof career

these days, many careers are seeing the impact of automation, artificial intelligence (ai) and robotics. as you embark on a new career path, you can rest assured that your decision to begin dental assisting training is a wise one. this is a profession that has been flagged as one of the top careers safe from computerization.

according to a recent study by oxford university, may healthcare professions, including dental assistant, have a low risk for automation. since these jobs require direct caring for patients, high levels of dexterity and social awareness, humans are simply more equipped to carry out the role rather than robots. so what does the role involve?

dental assistant tasks

as a dental assistant, you’ll play a key part in the dental office. your primary role will include performing tasks that support dentists and hygienists. it’s your job to help the practice run smoothly and improve patient care. dental assistants can expect to prepare treatment rooms by following specific protocols. you’ll help prepare patients for dental treatment by welcoming, comforting, and seating and draping them in examination chairs. you many also provide information to patients and employees by answering questions and requests. these aren’t exactly the kind of tasks robots can fully tackle, yet.

a growing industry

not only are dental assistants highly unlikely to be replaced by a.i. anytime soon, the bureau of labor statistics says: “employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. the aging population and ongoing research linking oral health and general health will continue to increase the demand for preventive dental services.” it is a job that pays well, doesn’t look like robots will be doing anytime soon, and can lead to a rewarding work life with many personal benefits.

how do i become a dental assistant?

dental practices want to hire assistants that either have experience or are certified by a recognized academic institution. a certificate from eastern college of health vocations will put you on the fast track for hire in this exciting field of dental assisting. your new career is as close as a click, or a phone call to our admissions office. you can reach our little rock campus at 501-568-0211 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654. contact us today. classes fill quickly.

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pediatric dental assistant – is this the perfect career path for you?

as a dental assistant, it’s critical to have an innate desire and ability to work with patients. add in a layer of working with patients who also happen to be children, and you’ll need those attributes, plus an additional set of skills to go along with them.  graduates of eastern college of health vocations who work in general dental practices, and especially those who end up as assistants in orthodontic and pediatric dental practices, have the pleasure — and at times, the challenge — of working with younger patients. many of our grads have told us what a rewarding experience it can be to work with children as a pediatric dental assistant.

in pediatric dentistry, building the trust of young patients is critical to their overall experience. this relationship of trust often begins with the dental assistant. the goal is to form a bond with young patients that lasts long after the procedures are finished. so, how can you do this? whether you are student taking the dental assistant career path or someone considering going to school to become one, if you’re working with kids, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeves. here’s a little insight on how to manage younger patients, from tots to pre-teens.

speak their language

it’s quite common for kids to feel nervous about visiting the dentist, especially if it is their first time. the sights and sounds can be overwhelming. when working with the very young patients who may not even be able to talk yet, using nonverbal-communication, like smiling and relaxed body language, may help ease anxiousness. you can even try and make a fun game of things or get the parents involved by having them model the tasks you want them to perform, such as opening their mouth wide or smiling to show off those pearly whites.

with 6-12 year old patients, speaking with kid-friendly, less scary language can make all the difference. for instance, instead of referring to x-rays, say “a picture of your teeth” and when mentioning the drill, say special toothbrush or “spin-brush”.

distraction action

as adults, when we feel nervous, we’ll read a book, watch tv or listen to music to help lower our stress level. we use them as distractions. similarly, for children between the ages of 6 and 12, using visual aids or telling a story in the dental office can be an effective distraction or behavioral-guidance technique. for the younger kids, you could offer a coloring book page featuring their favorite character. a dentist we are quite familiar with has his dental assistant squeeze the hand of the patient firmly, just as he is about to give an injection. the child is distracted by the sensation and hardly realizes they have been given the shot. distraction is a great tool in the dental assistant’s arsenal.

at eastern college of health vocations, we take pride in providing our students with real-world dental assistant training. whether you or not choose to pursue a career as a pediatric dental assistant, our training can give you the skills you need to confidently enter the workforce as a dental assistant. if you have any questions regarding programs, facilities or tuition, feel free to give us a call. you can reach our little rock campus at 501-232-0378 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654. prefer email? request more information or schedule a campus visit through this form.

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is medical administrative assistant the right career for you?

so, you’ve heard the medical field is an in-demand career industry. but, you get a bit squeamish at the thought of dealing with the more hands-on aspects of may roles within the industry? have no fear! there’s still a role for you in this ever-growing filed! with millions of americans seeking medical care on an annual basis, the healthcare filed is without a doubt a hopping industry. from doctors to nurses and medical assistants, well- trained medical professionals are actively helping these patients achieve optimal health and wellness, but there’s another critical member to this team. the medical administrative assistant.

as one of the first faces patients see when they enter a practice, a medical administrative assistant has a very important role to fill. from checking patients in to helping the medical office run smoothly, there are many tasks thy perform that don’t involve the more “clinical” aspects most associate with a career in healthcare. this could be the ideal position for you if you want to enter the world of healthcare. read on to explore more about this role with a relatively quick educational path.

what does a medical administrative assistant do?

medical administrative assistants work in a variety of settings from hospitals to doctors offices. with a strong knowledge of medical terminology and applications, they support the front of the office with administrative duties related to admissions patient coordination and more. while tasks can vary by location, typical duties can include:

  • patient check-in
  • answering phone calls
  • appointment scheduling
  • patient history documentation
  • insurance processing
  • transferring lab results
  • working with computer software
  • office supply maintenance

what are the advantages of the role?

as you already know, the demand for professionals in virtually all aspects of the healthcare industry is on the rise. with the right training, this means you’re likely to encounter career opportunities in a variety of locations, so you can move to a location of your choosing. flexible hours are also an advantage afforded to some who pursue a medical administrative assistant role in a hospital setting. this is because these facilities function 24 hours a day and require each shift is covered. 12-hour shifts, three days a week, and/or non-traditional hours can help some find optimal work/life balance.

does the role of medical administrative assistant sound appealing to you? if so, you’re probably wondering about the education and training required to become one. you can get started on the path to your new career much more quickly than many other in-demand healthcare professions, but some education is required. at eastern college of health vocations, we can help! with your medical assistant training from echv, you will quickly be on your way to becoming a vital part of a medical team with excellent opportunities for advancement.  we have campus locations in both little rock, ar and new orleans, la. we make it easy and convenient for you to get the education you need to start the career of your dreams! call our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654 or our little rock campus at 501-568-0211 and arrange a tour today!

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4 advantages of working in the healthcare industry

embarking on life after school can be both exciting and overwhelming. on one hand, there’s a whole wide world of opportunity that awaits. on the other, there’s often a sense of urgency to land a job in the filed for which you’ve trained. fortunately, when that field is healthcare, opportunities abound! plus, there are many benefits to working in the healthcare industry. here’s just a few that come to mind for many of our graduates at eastern college of health vocations.

industry growth

there are a variety of careers directly related to health services experiencing an increase in demand for qualified applicants. as one of the fastest growing career industries in the us, many healthcare employers are consistently seeking new workers. this is leading to a competitive landscape from the employer side. increased wages and improved benefits are a positive side effect, as applicants now have many options of employers from which to choose in the healthcare industry.

flexible hours

hospitals and other healthcare centers provide around the clock care for people in the communities they serve. this means they need people to staff those hours 24/7. the nine to five work day doesn’t sound appealing? a carer in healthcare could help you find the balance you seek. need to pick your children up from school in the afternoon? you can select a schedule that allows you to work around your personal life. in addition to laying the foundation fora more fulfilling work-life balance, the non-standard work hours can give you the opportunity pursue additional training to further advance your healthcare career.

travel opportunity

qualified medical professionals are needed throughout the united states and around the globe.  with a career in the ever-growing field of healthcare, you have the exciting possibility of working in the geographical location of your choosing. nearly every filed in the medical industry is in increasing demand. from a small community to a major metropolis, you can make a difference while making money and exploring the world around you.

a chance to help others

it should come as no surprise that one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in healthcare, is the opportunity to help those in need. in fact, a desire to help others is a major agent that propels many to embark on the path to a career in the industry. when you are a compassionate person, the satisfaction of finding a way to help others while making a living can be truly fulfilling. even from the medical administrative side, you’ll have chance to impact lives in a positive way.

you can have a say so in where your career takes you. build your experiences, try new things and find what you truly enjoy as there are so many different career options within the healthcare filed itself. to start, you’ll need a solid educational foundation from an accredited school. medical assistant or dental assistant training from eastern college can give you the edge you need to land a rewarding new career in the healthcare industry. eastern college of health vocations has campus locations in both little rock, ar and new orleans, la. ready to get the education you need to start the career of your dreams? call today to learn more or arrange a tour! new orleans- 504-736-0654. little rock 501-568-0211.

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what do you learn in dental assistant school?

dental assistants play major role in the smooth functioning of a dental office. they perform many tasks to support dentists and hygienists such as preparing patients for cleanings or procedures; providing suction or other assistance for procedures; sterilizing equipment; and maintaining patient records. eastern college of health vocations is home to a dental assistant school program that can get you on the way to helping numerous patients improve their smile and their dental health.

with eastern college of health vocation’s dental assistant program, you will receive high-quality dental assistant training from our experienced faculty and staff. your education will consist of a combination of lectures, labs, and hands-on experience. as a graduate, you’ll move confidently from the classroom to your first day on the job.

what professional skills will i learn in echv’s dental assistant certificate program?

at eastern college of health vocation, we’re passionate about providing real-world education so our graduates stand out from the competition and feel comfortable stepping into their new career. here’s an overview of some of the training you can expect to master through our dental assistant school:

-dental impressions
-assist dentists chair-side with patients
-dental radiography
-four-handed dentistry
-dental instrument sterilization
-dental tray set-ups
-patient charting
-dental equipment maintenance
-dental model trimming
-life skills

what jobs can i get with a dental assistant certificate?

the bureau of labor statistics forecasts that dental assisting is a fast-growing occupation, with 19% expect growth by 2026. if you enjoy interacting with people, are detail-oriented, caring, and want to help others, dental assisting may be the career for you! want to know more about the potential career options you’ll have as a dental assistant? read this blog! in the meantime, here’s a quick glance at some of the potential jobs or roles you could fill at any number of general or specialized dental practices:

-dental administrative assistant
-dental assistant
-chair-side assistant
-dental billing clerk
-collection assistant
-dental receptionist

how will i afford my dental assistant certificate?

cost is a major concern for many considering career training or higher education. at eastern college of health vocation, we take pride in helping students save money while working towards the healthcare career of their dreams! our dental assistant net price calculator is a great place to start. please note that the estimate provided using this calculator does not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance, or a final net price; it is an estimate based on price of attendance and financial aid provided to students in a previous year. price of attendance and financial aid availability change year to year.

whatever your education or career goals, we hope you will consider allowing college of health vocation act as your partner in preparedness. if you have any questions regarding programs, facilities or tuition, feel free to give us a call. you can reach our little rock campus at 501-232-0378 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654. prefer email? request more information or schedule a campus visit through this form.

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study hacks

new material and concepts, quizzes and tests – going back to school can seem like information overload. as you work toward your degree or certification in healthcare, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a guide to retaining and organizing all that information? well, you’re in luck! we’ve rounded up insightful study tips to help you maximize your studying efforts.

cut down on distractions

maybe you can rub your belly and pat your head at the same time, but when to comes to checking email and peeking in on social media while you’re trying to study, you’re not really “multitasking”. your brain is actually doing something called “switchtasking”. this occurs when you attempt multiple attention-requiring tasks at the same time. and as this article states, “each switch in attention incurs switching cost, which includes a loss of time, decrease in performance, and an increase in stress levels.” talk about counterproductive! so, switch those notifications to silent mode, and focus on the task at hand.

get efficient

there’s a great guide called the cornell note taking method (pdf guide) that’s clear, concise and proven to be quite effective in helping organize notes. how does it work? well, instead of keeping page by page notes exclusively on lectures and chapters, divide your page into two columns. you’ll want to dedicate about ¼ of the left side of the page to the left side. this is where you can identify key terms and concepts. use the right side to document your notes on this content. research indicates organizing your notes in this fashion can help your brain visualize the information for future recall. this is an excellent way to ensure productive study sessions!

go bite-sized

be honest. you done the “cram before an exam”, right? how’d that work out? while you’ll get lucky sometimes, research suggests shorter study sessions spread out over multiple days produce better results than those longer sessions. the basic conclusion? repeated retrieval of information leads to long-term retention of what’s learned. as this article from psychology today explains: “this happens because each time we retrieve a memory, it has to be reconsolidated and each such reconsolidation strengthens the memory.”

get flashy

fun colored flashcards aren’t just for gradeshool!  they worked well then and they can help you today! you can often buy specific healthcare related flashcards, and these can work great, but if you make your own, you’ll get the additional benefit of working through the material again while you’re writing it all down…which is another way to get those concepts to sync with your long-term memory.

say it aloud

you likely already know reading information you are trying to remember aloud can be helpful. this is due to multiple parts of your brain working simultaneously to process the information as you speak it and hear it. did you also know the same goes for explaining concepts and material to other people? grab a (willing) friend or family member and walk them through things you’ve learned.

practice makes perfect

practice tests are proven to be one of the most effective ways to retain information. can’t find a particular practice test for an upcoming exam? make your own!

when followed, these tips can help you along the way as you prepare for your exciting new career in healthcare. at eastern college of health vocations, our health care programs are designed to prepare students for their careers as medical assistants and dental assistants. we focus on giving you the right tools at every step, including financial aid assistance and scholarship opportunities; supportive faculty who have practiced in the profession they teach; instruction in resume writing and interviewing; and most importantly job placement assistance. enroll today or arrange a campus tour by calling our admissions office in little rock at 501-232-0378 or new orleans at 504-736-0654.

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dreaming of dental assisting

so, you spend a lot of time each day wondering about the best jobs for the future. you want something secure, rewarding and anything but boring. it’s no secret that healthcare careers are on the rise. dental assisting is an excellent healthcare career option that allows you to quickly transform your training into real-world applications. there’s a growing demand for people to fill this role and many who enter the field find it to be just what they were looking for, in terms of work-life balance. could this be your dream job, too?

what is dental assisting?

like dental hygienists, dental assistants enjoy employment at a dental practice. the roles, however, and training to pursue these professions, differ more than you may expect. the duties of a dental hygienist are primarily connected to patient treatment, which can be in-depth at times. due to the detailed medical duties, becoming a dental hygienist requires a more advanced degree, and consequently, longer time in school. the road to becoming a dental assistant is a bit more rapid. rather than spending years in a classroom, the hands-on skills you learn in our program can soon be applied to your new career! as a dental assistant, you’ll use the knowledge you’ve gained to handle a variety of duties around a dental office, like:

  • maintaining patient records
  • preparing patients for procedures
  • assisting dentists during exams and procedures by handing instruments
  • instrument sterilization
  • appointment scheduling
  • performing x-rays
  • patient education
  • ensuring patient comfort

sky’s the limit

while many find a career in dental assisting both fulfilling and rewarding, the truth is, it’s a career that can open the doors to many opportunities for specialization and advancement. you could choose to work at an orthodontics, periodontics or pediatric dentistry practice. as your skill-sets evolve, you can take on additional responsibility and become an expanded function dental assistant, become an office manager, or even attend additional schooling to become a dental assistant instructor, dental hygienist or dentist one day!

if career satisfaction, job security, and a day to day role that is far from mundane sounds like your kind of career, contact us to explore our dental assisting program at eastern college. we’ll walk you though the next steps and give guidance so you can make the correct decision for your future. in the meantime, we invite you to peruse our other blog topics to learn more about becoming a dental assistant and what to expect one you embark on your new career.
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important soft skills for healthcare professionals

careers in healthcare are in high demand these days. but, not everyone is suited to work in this challenging field. certain soft skills for healthcare professionals are necessary to truly excel in the profession. if you are wondering whether you have what it takes to be a dental or medical assistant, let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when deciding if you are ready to take a step toward a rewarding future as a certified health professional.

you love a challenge.

working in health and wellness offers tremendous potential, but it can also be quite demanding – it will require study and determination from an academic standpoint, and then a solid work ethic once you enter the field.

choosing the right school for the field you desire is the first step, and here at eastern we provide the resources that not only make your learning go smoothly, but we’re here to guide you through the challenging job hunting process as well. in fact, career counseling is available even after graduation.

you enjoy working with people.

healthcare jobs by their very nature, involve interaction with people. strong interpersonal skills are critical to success in this field — whether you work in a hands-on capacity, as a medical or dental assistant, or take on an administrative role, such as in medical billing or as an office medical assistant, you will be interacting with people all day.

your mind is an open book.

thanks to advancements in science and technology, the field of healthcare is always changing. if you’re looking for a static career, a job in healthcare may not be right for you. but if the idea of continuing to learn and expand your skill-set through professional enrichment, then healthcare is the right choice. this field not only mandates continued learning, but rewards the pursuit of higher levels of knowledge.

you’re passionate about making a difference.

we have been upfront about the challenges of a career in healthcare, but there is good news too. the demands that are put upon you, are far outweighed by the great pay and benefits, as well as the total satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others. this is not a job – it is a potentially life-changing career.

jobs in healthcare are secure and and prevalent. in fact, the u.s. bureau of labor statistics ranks healthcare jobs in general among the country’s fastest growing professions. with the right training — you’ll be well-positioned to quickly land a job as a medical or dental assistant.

still on the fence about whether or not you are ready, or up for the challenge? call one of our career counselors today. reach someone at our little rock campus at 501-232-0378 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654. they can guide you towards the right decision for you.

if you know you have the essential soft skills for healthcare professionals and you’re already committed to starting your promising career in healthcare, click here to take your first step!

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